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The Secret Awesomeness of the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS is a fantastic little system that’s a far cry from the green-hued Game Boy brick I used to carry around as a kid. In addition to the neat 3D effects (achieved without glasses!), it also has a ton of cool features, like downloadable games, Netflix capabilities, and awesome graphics. The games are only a few steps below what can be found on the system’s console cousins, which to someone from the black-and-white portable age is astounding. Read more…


Job Loss: Disaster or Opportunity?

We all know how financially devastating job loss is, especially if one doesn’t have a savings account to fall back on. What often remains unstated though is the deep impact losing one’s job can have on a person’s psyche. We tend to treat job loss as purely a financial matter, and ignore the tumult of emotions such a traumatic experience can cause.

What we don’t realize is that many of those bearing the weight of unemployment feel as if they’ve lost their identity and purpose. We tend to describe ourselves not by who we are, but by what we do. Our jobs and professions are how we show that we’re worth something in the world and are capable human beings. When we lose that, what are we left with? Read more…

Best Writing Resources

I’ve always wanted to be a published author, and over the years I’ve accumulated a shelf-breaking array of writing books and participated in several online classes.

Through all that, I’ve learned that a good chunk of writing resources out there are ho-hum. Then again, the interesting thing about writing advice is that it’s entirely subjective–what might revolutionize someone’s work might make absolutely no impact on another’s.

Here are a few of the books and classes that have helped me the most. I hope you find them helpful as well:

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Was Everyone as Insane as I Was?

I came across a Mother’s Day card I drew in school when I was a kid. It has convinced me that I was a hardcore drug addict when I was young, losing years of my life to LSD and other hallucinogens. That’s the only way to explain the sheer randomness that you’re about to see.

If I received this card, I would’ve tossed my kid into rehab…

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How Do You Beat a Perfectionist?

I still find it odd that it took a jumping roundhouse kick to the head to help me realize how terrible my perfectionism is.

Perfectionism is something that affects most writers. Far too many authors have cut their own careers short because of this vile little gnome. Rather than pressing through and recognizing that success only follows hard work, those of us who listen to the imp refuse to even start. After all, if we can’t do something right, what’s the point of doing it at all?

I started practicing Tae Kwon Do in college. I wasn’t the best fighter, but I enjoyed the exercise and camaraderie. Our class was held at my university, and consisted of a group of colored belts and an easily-awed group of white belts who were taking the class for credit. No one but our small group saw our mistakes.

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