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Was Everyone as Insane as I Was? (Part Deux)

Two weeks ago, I shared a Mother’s Day card that, based on its complete lack of rhyme or reason, has convinced me that I was either completely crazy or addicted to hardcore drugs as kid.

I just came across another project I did as a kid–a cover for a short story. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the actual story, but the cover alone just serves as further evidence of my childhood substance abuse problems. Here it is:

As soon as I come across the actual story, I’ll be sure to share it with you all. In the meantime, I’d like to issue a challenge:

  • Based on this cover, complete this insane story.

Be sure to send it along, either by posting it on your own blog or in the comments section below. I’ll share the best ones later this month. I look forward to seeing them!


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2 thoughts on “Was Everyone as Insane as I Was? (Part Deux)

  1. Well, the bear and the cat are best friends until the cat starts to flirt with the sunshine (because you know how cats are). The talking flower does his best to bring them back together, but he can’t stop singing old show tunes and pisses everybody off. It takes a while, but the bear figures out that the sun is part of their new paradigm. He learns to enjoy the sun, too, and while it’s not a perfect solution, he and the cat can at least get through the day without arguing. Too much.
    Was this supposed to have a happy ending?

  2. Cat and bear were arguing with flower when Bear said, “You don’t know what you’re talking about, the sun is just hot, it’s not sending you bad vibes.”
    Flower answered back, “Yes, it is, I know it wants to burn me up.”
    Bear shook his head, “You’re paranoid.”
    Cat meowed, “You’re imagining things.”
    “Then answer this,” Flower asked. “How come when I look down that road, it’s all wiggly and wavy? Those are vibes.”
    Cat, “Meowww, maybe Flower has a point, I do see those wavy rays.”
    Bear looked up and shaded his eyes, “Hey, Sun, are you sending out rays to burn Flower here?”
    Sun leaned closer and a smile appeared on her face, “My heat rays are to warm the earth and make flowers grow, not to burn them. But, sometimes I don’t know my own strength and my rays get too powerful. So, I will keep this smile on my face to remind me to control my temper.

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